Safety in the Driver’s Seat

Booz Allen's transformation team of men and women.

The team that helped deliver the transformation detailed in this story, together at the 2016 Booz Allen Excellence Awards.

Having proven our mettle as a full-service partner equally capable of building, testing, and deploying a system that analyzes on-vehicle data as we were developing a supply chain strategic roadmap, this client’s leadership has now tasked Booz Allen with designing and operationalizing new capabilities where we’ll continue to bring the breadth of our expertise to bear.

“We're armed with the acumen to help clients recognize opportunities in the new connected product environment while keeping safety and security a number one priority.”

An extension of our work with the automaker led to Booz Allen assisting the auto industry in developing and operating the first Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) sharing cyber threat and vulnerability information. As millions of us get behind the wheel in an increasingly interconnected future, the ISAC means an added layer of cyber protections. It will serve as a central hub for intelligence and analysis, enabling the timely sharing of cyber threat information and potential vulnerabilities in vehicle electronics or in-vehicle networks, ultimately safeguarding drivers every time they turn on the ignition.

Booz Allen’s experience in cyber threat intelligence, developing and implementing information-sharing programs, and building cultures of trust across industries empowered us to provide the industry with a turnkey solution to address its specific, integrated cyber threat landscape.

Principal Jon Allen and his team were instrumental in developing the prospectus for the auto industry to create the ISAC. “The industry recognized that security risks are going to rise as vehicles become more connected,” he says. “It’s about taking a proactive stance that looks across the ecosystem and includes forming the industry’s best practices for securing the vehicle.”

From cars to medical devices, the reality of a connected product revolution is upon us. And Booz Allen is ready—armed with the acumen to help clients recognize opportunities for evolution while keeping safety and security priority number one.

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