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Understanding the Capabilities of Modern Quantum Computers

A plain-language summary of some of our recent quantum research.

What Is Quantum Information Sciences?

Quantum computing and other technologies rooted in fundamental quantum physics, collectively known as quantum information sciences (QIS), continue to promise revolutionary new approaches to solving both long-standing and novel problems. 

Applications of QIS include:

Quantum Computing

Quantum algorithms excel at exploring previously intractable problem spaces, potentially accelerating new and emerging analytics pipelines, enabling the design of new materials, and evaporating bottlenecks in critical government and business processes.

Quantum Sensing

Quantum sensors offer measurement accuracy previously thought impossible. These new measurement technologies promise new and earlier information with unparalleled precision to drive autonomous vehicles and revolutionize cancer diagnostics.

Quantum Communications

Quantum communications technologies offer novel approaches to transmitting and securing information, allowing for the development of new ways to rapidly distribute critical information and signals.

Why Is Quantum Computing Strategically Important?

Progressing the field of quantum computing could bring about dramatic leaps in computing power. These increased processing speeds will catalyze revolutionary advancements in nearly every industry and discipline—communications, healthcare, materials engineering, manufacturing, finance, and national security all stand to gain.

Through legislation and executive action, the federal government is working to ensure U.S. leadership in the field of quantum information science. Booz Allen is committed to supporting this vision. We are already helping our clients understand how quantum computing will impact their missions and how early investment can secure a future advantage. We help organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense ensure that they remain ready to leverage the technology to its full potential as it continues to emerge. We can provide the same level of customized quantum support to your federal agency, national laboratory, or corporation. 

What Kinds of Problems Really Require Quantum Solutions?

A plain-language summary of our recent research into where and how quantum solutions will be truly advantageous.  

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