Managed Threat Services

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Booz Allen’s proven approach to MDR combines attack detection, threat hunting, incident response, and tailored threat intelligence to deliver continuous monitoring and response. Using full-packet capture network monitoring, email monitoring, and endpoint threat-hunting capabilities, we dramatically enhance visibility across the enterprise. Our NSA CIRA-accredited analysts possess years of frontline experience. 

Unlike turnkey CTI solutions with commodity information feeds, Booz Allen’s Cyber Threat Intelligence is a customized solution that infuses industry insights with deep analysis of the specific tools, techniques, and adversaries targeting your enterprise.

In our 8-week program, our experienced team of threat hunters search for evidence of an active or recent security breach in your environment. We leverage industry-leading network and endpoint detection with threat hunting performed by NSA CIRA-accredited analysts. Our team leverages an unprecedented understanding of the threat landscape and contextualized threats to identify malicious programs designed to compromise systems and exfiltrate data.   

Our commercial team links leading cyber strategy and technology expertise from decades of government experience with the needs of the private sector for advanced cyber defense.

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