District Defend: Go Mobile. Stay Secure.

Meet District Defend

Secure data and network access in the office and on the go

Automated Proactive Protection

Proactively protects access to your data, devices, and networks with automated, intelligent safeguards tailored to your security rules.

Unmatched Asset Management

Gives organizations critical insights into their device inventory, location, and behavior with a single administrator tool.

Zero Trust Access For Devices

Ensures your enterprise devices are in a secure, trusted state before allowing users isolated access to your networks.

Everywhere You Do Business

Equips devices to dynamically react to security threats in real time based on custom protection triggers, regardless of work location or network.

How It Protects

Learn how District Defend software can protect your organization

Safeguarding networks from human error

  • District Defend automatically ensures devices are compliant with enterprise policies and expected user behaviors prior to enabling system access.
  • It uses persistent monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance and safeguarding of data and networks.
  • Device security settings can be dynamically updated based on evolving needs.

Reducing threats from malicious insiders 

  • Adaptive security monitoring identifies and reacts to suspicious behavior, enforcing an automatic response to protect your devices and network.
  • IT leaders can perform advanced analytics to understand device usage, high-risk behaviors, and insider threats.
  • District Defend validates that key hardware vulnerabilities are secured (e.g., USB ports, cameras, microphones), mitigating tactics insiders use to steal company information.

Protecting your organization from external attacks

  • Pre-boot system health checks reduce the ability for attackers to inject persistent threats during device start-up.
  • It automatically enforces organizationally defined defensive actions, reducing the potential and impact of unauthorized access attempts.
  • It provides the ability to encrypt and power-off devices while in transport, preventing malicious actions if devices are lost or stolen.

Product Features

Explore the capabilities of secure mobility with District Defend

Automated Policy Validation

Ensures your enterprise devices are in a secure, trusted state before allowing users isolated access to your networks.

Seamless Infrastructure Integration

Complements existing security software and hardware, augmenting existing security capabilities and filling key security gaps.

Pre-Boot System Health Checks

Prevents low-level attacks and enables organizations to disable devices without being connected to enterprise networks.

Configurable User Access Controls

Configures access control
for applications, VDI environments, and network resources, eliminating reliance on end-user compliance and manual system administration.

Adaptive Security Enforcement

Allows organizations to monitor device and user behavior to defend against insider threats and malicious attacks.

Remotely Deliver on Sensitive Missions

Deploys data-at-rest and mobile access protections that are compliant with NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program.

Analytical Insights and Control

 Device location and usage data allows for advanced analytics to understand device behaviors and risks.

Safeguard Enterprise Spaces

Devices respond to custom-set triggers wherever they are, from office space, to classified environments, to aircraft and ground vehicles in the field.

Deployment & Integration

Simplified to keep your workforce focused on the mission

Deployment Model

  • District Defend was designed to operate on existing Windows 10-compatible laptops and tablets, reducing the need for lengthy and costly hardware purchases.
  • Organizations can remotely deploy District Defend without having to recapture devices or force users to return to enterprise buildings.
  • District Defend was built to scale for large distributed organizations, offering load balancing and multi-region services to provide reliability and high availability.

Partner Ecosystem

Compatible with Windows 10 hardware platform partners:

  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • And more

Compatible with virtual desktop infrastructure partner solutions:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Citrix
  • VMware
  • And more

Compatible with cloud hosting partners:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • VMware


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