Tackling Climate Change Challenges

Empowering Climate Action

Every aspect of society is threatened by the ongoing climate crisis. Protecting the U.S. and its many communities from climate change’s growing impacts is an urgent task that requires iterative and integrated solutions and committed action from all sectors, public and private. Partnerships must be forged, data siloes must be broken down, science and technology must be advanced, and capabilities must be fielded toward the ability to predict, understand, and act on evolving threats in real time.

Based on our research and diverse work supporting client missions from across civil government agencies, intelligence, and defense, Booz Allen has developed innovative climate change mitigation solutions in four key areas:    

A Futurist's Approach to Climate and Transportation

In this video, futurist Chunka Mui emphasizes the time is now for agencies to lean into innovation, embracing the transformation of the nation’s transportation and critical infrastructure sectors. 


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Explore how federal leaders can drive technological advancements and create a better future in a new book A Brief History of a Perfect Future.

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